Terms & Conditions


This agreement stipulates the Terms and Conditions, governed by the law of India, upon which a place has been offered to your child. Once you have accepted a place for your child you are agreeing to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions. Submission of your Application form is acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions, Online Safety Policy and Privacy Policy of Gen Alpha Education. We ask that you read the Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting your Application form to us.


The following Terms and Conditions will remain into effect until the student concludes their education with Gen Alpha Education. The School has the right to change the Terms and Conditions throughout the academic year. Any changes will fall into effect automatically 7 days after it is being announced.

Regarding Home Schooling

It is the responsibility of the parents or carers to properly inform the local government if required when they decide to home school their child. Gen Alpha Education does provide any UIDAI Number for the students who are enrolled from India. The Indian government acknowledges each child’s ‘RIGHT TO EDUCATION’ and appreciates all efforts in this regard. The Indian judicial system does not hold home schooling or online schooling against any section or provision (sections 18 and 19) of the RTE 2009.Gen Alpha Education aims to work in partnership with parents or carers for the educational advancement of students enrolled in the school.

Regarding the Requirements for the Usage of the School Platform

Regarding the School Learning Platform of Gen Alpha Education, Separate login ids are given to the parents and the students. The parents can monitor the progress of the child and ensure that the projects and assignments are submitted on time in the Portal. Parents or carers are responsible for ensuring their child has access to an appropriate location from which to study. Gen Alpha Education is not responsible for the home (or any other) study environment.

It is the responsibility of the parents or the carers that the child attends the classes and has proper internet connection along with correct technology for participation. The Technical Team will connect with the Parents or carers and students regarding the computer and software requirements. No refunds will be entertained for poor internet connection or issues with the device that the student is using. The students can take authorised leave by applying for leave in the Portal of Gen Alpha Education. In case of absence, the student is required to watch the recordings of the class later. Parents or carers of pupils who do not attend regular, full-time school are responsible for ensuring the legality of home-schooling in their country.


Enrolment Procedure and Regarding the Payment of Fees

After Submitting the application form for admission, the child’s enrolment will be processed within 12 days for the next available start date after completing a video interaction with the child if required. You will be issued a tuition invoice in-line of the first term which should be paid within the deadline. Gen Alpha Education does not charge any enrolment fee or application fee. The fees is under the category of tuition fees which can be either paid in full or in three instalments at the beginning of each of the three terms for the particular academic year. If you fail to pay your child’s tuition fees within 28 days of the invoice first being issued your enrolment application will be removed from our system.

When submitting an application for your child, we require you to provide any copy of official identification for your child which details their date of birth along with the previous year mark sheet. In case, the mark sheet is not available, the student must clear the Oral test administered by Gen Alpha Education via a video interaction with the Child. We also require proof of your current address. Individual pupil timetables cannot be altered throughout the academic year and it is the responsibility of the parent or the carer to pay fees. No refunds will be given for minor disruptions to the provision of lessons.

If you are on a termly payment plan your exit date will be the end of the current term, by informing the class teacher or the Principal  via mail within 14 days before the current term. If the student wishes to discontinue in the middle of the term, no fees refund will be entertained by Gen Alpha Education.

If you pay the fees yearly, the exit date will be no later than 14 days before the end of the current Academic Year. Full payment must be made within 21 days prior to the start of the academic year. If you are starting mid-way through the academic year our Admissions Team will inform you of your payment deadline. Fees are non-refundable, we do not offer any refunds for lessons not attended.

The profiles of the student are removed from our platforms and classwork and coursework will no longer be available or retrievable after the leaving date of the student. It is responsibility of the student or the parent or the carer to download all the material prior to leaving Gen Alpha Education. It is not the responsibility of the school for any work lost through not downloading the students work before the assigned leaving date.

Fees which have not been paid in full by the pre-agreed due date stated on the invoice will result in exclusion of the student and a late fee being added to the invoice.  It is the responsibility of the parents and carers to pay the fees within the stipulated time. 

Enrolment Udate : in advance of each academic year

During the end of the Academic year, all students are supposed to complete the enrolment update form and pay a pay a tuition deposit to secure the pupil’s place for the next academic year. The tuition deposit will be deducted from your first tuition invoice of the new academic year. The amount of the tuition deposit will be sent via mail to the parents or carers or the students. Payment of the tuition deposit is a commitment to continue with Gen Alpha Education in the next academic year. As such, the tuition deposit will be retained by Gen Alpha Education and no refund will be given to the parents or the carer. Your child’s enrolment will continue into the next academic year, until you submit a leaving form, and you will still be liable for payment of tuition fees.

Notice Period

Notice to leave the school must be communicated via mail to the class teacher or to the Principal.

Regarding the Classes

Gen Alpha Education understands the importance of the privacy of the student and no photos, videos, posts on the website or the social media will be done without the consent of the Parents or the Carer. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you give consent for your child to appear in recorded lessons if they choose to use the microphone or webcam feature of the virtual classroom. However the videos of the students will be off during the Live Classes. These recorded lessons may be viewed by other pupils and staff within Gen Alpha Education. The recorded lessons will not be shared outside Gen Alpha Education. No student/ Carer/ Parent can share the downloaded videos at any cost. Pupils shall not share links, logins with other students.

Internet Security

Internet Security will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your child uses the facilities of the school platform for appropriate purposes, but your child will be held accountable for any misuse. Deliberate misuse will be treated as a breach of rules which will be from the school.

It is the responsibility of the parent or the carer to make sure that they have internet security software and appropriate content controls to protect the child from inappropriate content via online. The training regarding the same will be given to the parent/carer/student during a one week induction program by the Principal and the Technical Head.

Usernames and Passwords

Only the enrolled students should use the school platform of Gen Alpha Education. User name and password should not be shared with others for security reasons. Make sure that you logoff properly every time after the usage of the learning platform. Any misuse will be treated as a breach of Gen Alpha Education rules which will be investigated and may result in the expulsion of a pupil from the school.

Data Protection

Gen Alpha Education has a policy of recording all live classes and extra-curricular activities conducted on Saturdays. All lesson recordings are secure in our school server.

By enrolling in Gen Alpha Education, parents and carers agree to follow our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, E-Safety Policy. A breach of this policy may result in the student being unenrolled. The Principal along with the Head of the Department and the Class teacher have the authority to deal and solve disciplinary matters of the student. The Parents or Carers and the students should accept it unconditionally. The Principal has the right to exclude the students due to inappropriate behaviour which may also result in the suspension of the student from a few classes. If the same behaviour continues, then the Principal reserves the right to expel the student from the school.

No Plagiarism will be entertained at Gen Alpha Education for the submission of assignments or project works. Lessons that are cancelled due to the fault of the school like system breakdown or the connection of the teacher will either be covered as Live Classes or recorded lessons. Alpha International Education does not offer refunds for cancelled lessons that are supplied with one of the provisions listed above.